“Dawn and Sunset” press release


Authorhouse has launched the press release of my maiden book “Dawn and Sunset” (the second edition). It was sent to over 30,000 journalists and bloggers. More info about my book, including an excerpt, author’s commentaries on each unit, and three reviews can be viewed at my site http://www.michaelbaizerman.com/category/media/

Press Release

Michael Baizerman searches for origins of oldest cities on earth

‘Dawn and Sunset’ traces earliest complex societies in Ancient Near East

BAT YAM, Israel – One of the most intriguing puzzles of ancient history is when and where the earliest cities on earth showed up. This question has inspired Michael Baizerman to search for the origin of the oldest cities on earth and thus prompted him to write “Dawn and Sunset.” (published by AuthorHouse UK)


This book traces the emergence of one of the earliest complex societies in the Ancient Near East. It follows the development of pristine city communities throughout the IV and the III millennia BCE. It describes their consolidation into early empires and their inevitable decline.


“It will appeal to history fans who will find new interpretations of facts and events,” says Baizerman. “It will appeal to history students as well who will be attracted by dramatic style and accurate descriptions”.


Written by a layman and addressed to general readers, “Dawn and Sunset” will show that mankind is connected to its roots from the sights and sounds of the Ancient Near East to the image of the rich culture that was one of the predecessors of man’s own civilization.


“Dawn and Sunset”

By Michael Baizerman

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 288 pages | ISBN 9781504936101

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 288 pages | ISBN 9781504936118

E-Book | 288 pages | ISBN 9781504936125

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author


Michael Baizerman was born and educated in Moscow, Russia. He moved to Israel 25 years ago and is currently working as a high school teacher of English. History has always been his hobby. He is an amateur historian who publishes articles on popular sites. He is married with a teen daughter.


“Dawn and Sunset” for universities


Last week, I got a thank-you note from the fourth Israeli university, Ariel. They appreciate the donation of my book “Dawn and Sunset” for their library with a hope that it will enrich their students and lecturers. Similar letters have been received from Haifa, Beer Sheba, and Bar Ilan universities.

Dawn and Sunset Website


My publisher Authorhouse released a new website where I can communicate with my readers. It can be viewed at http://www.michaelbaizerman.com

The website tells about my history book, Dawn and Sunset, which describes the origin and development of the oldest cities in the Ancient Near East. I am supplying additional information about the book and share my plans for the future.

“Dawn and Sunset” (5)


My publisher, Authorhouse, wants me to take an active part in spreading a word about my history book in Israel, where I live. I was hesitant because I feel that it is not my piece of cake. I don’t believe that I can convince many people to buy my book. However, I decided to try. This week I sent e-mails to all seven Israeli universities. I told them that my book can be helpful to their students and that they can invite me to a book signing ceremony. Meanwhile, following a call from my book consultant, I ordered a batch of books to be delivered to organizations who can be interested in my work. Wish me good luck!

Order “Dawn and Sunset”


The full name of my history book is “Dawn and Sunset: A Tale of the Oldest Cities in the Near East”. It has just come out of print and is available in three versions: paperback, hardback, and E-book. My work describes the life and strife of one of the earliest complex societies on earth. The second version of the book contains many new ideas and considerations. It is intended for a general reader who loves to read how events and processes had actually taken place. It will also be useful for history students as a reference book on many aspects of Near Eastern studies.The book can be ordered at Authorhouse online bookstore at https://3c-lxa.mail.com/mail/client/dereferrer?redirectUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fbookstore.authorhouse.com%2FProducts%2FSKU-000923535%2FDawn-and-Sunset.aspx

“Dawn and Sunset” out of print


The new version of my book “Dawn and Sunset” is coming out of print. This work is based on my Internet research on the origin of the early Mesopotamian civilization. This complex society is presented as a lace of urban communities through their language and culture, agriculture and foreign trade, arts & crafts, social classes and administration, law and warfare. There are eight units covering about 250 pages of text. Five remarkable illustrations are drawn by Dwain Esper. The book is published by Authorhouse. A real gift for history fans and, hopefully, a reference book for students of Ancient Middle East.