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News from a popular site ibuzzle.com: “Mesha the Dibonite” has enjoyed over 400 page views; this is my second approach to the Biblical History. You can watch it at https://www.academia.edu/8738140/_On_the_Path_of_War_

“The Generation of Exodus”, my first Biblical article, is honored by 1500 views at http://www.ibuzzle.com/articles/the-generation-of-exodus.html

“Sumerian Foreign Trade”, an extract from the first edition of my book “Dawn and Sunset”, at http://www.ibuzzle.com/articles/sumerian-foreign-trade.html

has been visited 2300 times.

On an academic site academia.edu I have 120 visitors. My most popular article is “The Little Age of Discovery” at https://www.academia.edu/4257146/_The_Little_Age_of_Discovery_

It tells a story about the discovery of the Atlantic islands (the Canaries, Madera, and Azores) by European seafarers throughout the 14th century. “Mesha the Dibonite” at https://www.academia.edu/8460457/Mesha_the_Dibonite_Recovers_His_Voice was bookmarked by Francesco Benedetucci, part of Italian archeological expedition in Trasjordan.

This is my first illustrated article.

I have also uploaded six units of my revised manuscript “Dawn and Sunset” which are based on my research of various aspects of the Sumerian civilization. One of them, “On the Path of War”, at https://www.academia.edu/8738140/_On_the_Path_of_War_ was bookmarked by Eric Olijdam, a member of an archeological project in Oman led by the Leiden University.




This is a free site for academics where I can publish my pieces. In my view, it has many advantages. The number of words isn’t limited which allows me to publish even units of the second edition of my book “Dawn and Sunset”. I can also upload endnotes which make an integral part of my articles. Besides, I can attach illustrations. My article “Mesha the Dibonite Recovers His Voice” has two drawings created by Irena Tagunova: the Moabite shepherd and Moabite warriors. See https://www.academia.edu/8460457/Mesha_the_Dibonite_Recovers_His_Voice

The number of visitors is less than on buzzle.com but has already exceeded 100. I’m hopeful that in due time when my name gains reputation I will have many more visitors. Anyway, I see my job not in terms of sold copies but in my ability to tell a brethtaking story.

I’m going to upload two additional units from “Dawn and Sunset”.