Biblical History


I am trying a new field of Biblical History. The emphasis is not on history according to the Bible but on genuine history of Israel and surrounding lands throughout the Biblical period.

I realize that it might be a popular topic but would rather make cautious progress since I haven’t defined my goal and I loathe to write something which I couldn’t stand for in the future.

My first step was the article “The Generation of Exodus” published at

It is based on the research of three different sources: the Stele of Merneptah, the king of Egypt, the battle scenes at the Karnak temple devoted to the military trip of the Egyptian army against the rebel forces of the Land of Canaan, and the discoveries of archeological digs in the Central Hill region of Israel. This is basically the starting point of the Israeli self-identification. One of the main outcomes is that the hill country offered the setting for all those who had fled from the Egyption oppression. Much later, these people became Hebrews. In other words, the unforgettable scenes of Exodus were inserted in the Hebrew Bible by religious activists who acted five or six centuries after the described events.

My second approach is the article titled “Mesha the Dibonite Recovers His Voice”. Part of Moab was once occupied by the Israelite troops. Mesha’s plan was to eliminate the foreign rule in his country. It can be viewed at

Pay attention to beautiful illustrations created by Irena Tagunova.




“Dawn and Sunset” (3)


I have uploaded two units from my manuscript on the site

One unit, “Foreign Trade” tells the story about Sumerian merchants who had transformed long-distance trade in the ancient world creating what can be called the trade empire. It can be viewed at

The other, “Arts and Crafts” describes Sumerian architecture, sculpture, metal working, seal cutting, and pottery. It can be viewed at

I am planning to upload six units of my manuscript which deal with my research on diverse issues of the Sumerian complex society. This is done as part of the public exposure before the publication of my book.

“Dawn and Sunset” (2)


Last time I promised to tell you about the changes that were made in the second manuscript. These alterations concern both the platform and implimentation. Both are based on additional research made about all the topics.

The general concept has been altered by showing that the Sumerian government hadn’t initiated various aspects of the urban life. They had formed independently but the goverment used them in its own purposes. For example, the basics of irrigation had preceeded any government formation. Without irrigation agricultural practice in a semi-desert region is impossible. The traditional farming in Iraq used-even in the 20th century CE-practised more or less the same approaches. When the govermnent was formed, city governors and later kings demanded the construction of canals according to new needs, for example to enlarge the sown area or to resettle farmers in a new district.

Numerous facts in my book were cheched and rechecked to confirm the evidence. In the first edition I was not always strict about the “proofs”, i.e. I was so enthusiastic about new evidence that I have found that I did’t pay attention from which source it was taken. Later, it was sometimes impossible to find the exact page. In the second “wave” of research I managed to find many proofs; in other cases I had to change the text relating to general idea and sacrifying the exact facts.

In addition, I transferred the chapter which spoke about Sumerian seal cutters from “Writing” to “Arts&Crafts”, which sounds more logical. I deleted the “introductory” remarks before each unit and reunited them in a new section, Conclusion.

I am hopeful the new edition will benefit from these changes.

My new manuscript has been adopted for publication by Authorhouse after being reviewed. So far, no corrections has been suggested. The next stage is editing.


“Dawn and Sunset” (1)


Hello everybody,

I am a new blogger. The aim of this site is to tell you about my creative life as a writer.

My first book is called “Dawn and Sunset: Insight into the Mystery of the Early Mesopotamian Civilization”. It was published in 2011 by SBPRA in Houston, Texas.

You can view the electronic edition of this book at

Besides giving geographical and historical background of “the cradle of civilization”, “Dawn and Sunset” discusses such aspects of the Sumerian complex society as writing,agriculture, arts&crafts,foreign trade, law, administration, social classes, and warfare. The book is based on a six-year research of the topic.

In the fall of 2013, I got a proposal from another publishing house, Authorhouse, to prepare a second edition of this book. I decided to refresh the material for “Dawn and Sunset”.

You will learn about the changes I have made in a new post.