The Little Age of Discovery


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The European sea powers started their expansion beyond medieval borders that they had diligently constructed. Toward the newly discovered Atlantic islands and along the Atlantic seaboard of Morocco. The article will be revised later by adding new details, not principle changes.

Those, who are interested in this topic, may also read two new chapters from my second book:


The basics of mathematical geography were laid in Ancient Greece. Medieval disciples of classical scholars adopted such ideas as the sphericity of the Earth and attempted to render its circumference. Further articles will follow soon.


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This week I have finished collecting and developing materials for a new unit of my second manuscript about medieval seamanship. I have also included some illustrations from wikipedia. I am going to have a fortnight’s break before going on. This will be unit 3 of my manuscript about a medieval encounter between East and West. The unit will include 9 chapters.

“Dawn and Sunset” for universities


Last week, I got a thank-you note from the fourth Israeli university, Ariel. They appreciate the donation of my book “Dawn and Sunset” for their library with a hope that it will enrich their students and lecturers. Similar letters have been received from Haifa, Beer Sheba, and Bar Ilan universities.

Sumerian Foreign Trade


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This is Unit 6 of my first book, Dawn and Sunset, an approach to the mystery of early Mesopotamian civilization. More info about the book is available at my site

I have sent this book as a gift to all seven Israeli universities. Three of them, Ben Gurion, Haifa, and Bar Ilan Universities wrote thank-you-letters acknowledging that it has been included into their library funds.

Miraculous Revival (1)


I have apploaded a revised article titled “What if the Earth is the Sphere?”. It is devoted to the concept of the spherical earth. The article can be viewed at

This is the first chapter of my new manuscript about the medieval encounter between the Latin West and the East. The title of  Unit 1 is “The Miraculous Revival or the Painful Recovery”. It deals with the recovery of geographical knowledge in the Latin West during the Middle Ages. The chapter describes the concept of the spherical Earth. Born in the ancient Greece, it was picked up and developed by medieval scholars who nevertheless claimed that this sphere is immovable, that is not rotating, and attempted to find a reasonable explanation.

Dawn and Sunset Website


My publisher Authorhouse released a new website where I can communicate with my readers. It can be viewed at

The website tells about my history book, Dawn and Sunset, which describes the origin and development of the oldest cities in the Ancient Near East. I am supplying additional information about the book and share my plans for the future.