“Dawn and Sunset” out of print


The new version of my book “Dawn and Sunset” is coming out of print. This work is based on my Internet research on the origin of the early Mesopotamian civilization. This complex society is presented as a lace of urban communities through their language and culture, agriculture and foreign trade, arts & crafts, social classes and administration, law and warfare. There are eight units covering about 250 pages of text. Five remarkable illustrations are drawn by Dwain Esper. The book is published by Authorhouse. A real gift for history fans and, hopefully, a reference book for students of Ancient Middle East.


Medieval Navigation (1)


I’m writing an article about the medieval navigation. This is a chapter from my second manuscript which describes the attitude of the West toward the East in the late Middle Ages, on the brink of the Age of Exploration. The part about ships is nearly ready though some stitches will take their time. Also, from time to time I find new interesting developments which I’d like to include. I have started reviewing the material for the second part about navigational tools. I’d like to explain the significance of dead reckoning and what it was based on: portolans, sea charts, the compass, and tavolta da marteloio. I’m trying to keep in touch with other authors who refer to the same topic. For example, I recently got in touch with Mr. Gluzman who sent me an extended version of his article, The Life-Cycle of Venetian Round Ships.