Second manuscript (1)


My second manuscript is devoted to the medieval encounters between the West and the East, especially how Latin Europeans perceived the countries of the Far East.

I have already uploaded four chapters from my secod manuscript at

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I think that from now on my research will take a new turn. I will find human interest stories connected to the topics. It will be much more interesting to me than to present a typical scheme of dates and events. Hopefully, my readers will follow this trend as well.


Alexander’s Gate (3)


I have really started a new research. What I was doing before was actually collecting info about my topic. Now I would like to check the relationship of the population of the Eurasian steppe zone with their “civilized” neighbors. Many medieval chroniclers share a negative attitude toward “barbarians”. However, some of these records are contradictive. The steppe society was far from “primitive” and it entered into relations with the sedentary civilizations for survival. These relations often, but not always had a violent character.

Alexander’s Gate (2)


I continue my research of medieval legends. The first part will be probably called “In the Shadow of Alexander’s Gate”. However, now I am not satisfied with presenting an entangled story about Alexander and Enclosed Nations. I would like to point to certain developments of “barbarian” societies and trace the echoes of these developments in the Latin West. Anyway, these legends had fertilized the soil for the Age of Discovery. Among other things I am interested in Khazarian Jews and the expansion of the Mongolian empire.