I have discovered a new site for my articles

On this profile page you can view several chapters from my history book “Dawn and Sunset: A Tale of the Oldest Cities in the Near East”. The Tower of Babel is taken from Introduction: this is an essay comparing the famous Bible legend with the early Mesopotamian civilization. The Birth of Proto-writing is borrowed from Unit III; it describes the early steps of writing as an accounting experiment serving the needs of emerging urban bureaucracy. The Divine Round Dance belongs to Unit IV; it explains the role of the Sumerian calendar. In the Workshop of a Sumerian Sculptor represents Unit V; it traces some trends in monumental sculpture in Sumerian and Akkadian art.

I am going to upload three more chapters on this site and then start publishing articles from my new manuscript.


“Dawn and Sunset” (3)


I have uploaded two units from my manuscript on the site

One unit, “Foreign Trade” tells the story about Sumerian merchants who had transformed long-distance trade in the ancient world creating what can be called the trade empire. It can be viewed at

The other, “Arts and Crafts” describes Sumerian architecture, sculpture, metal working, seal cutting, and pottery. It can be viewed at

I am planning to upload six units of my manuscript which deal with my research on diverse issues of the Sumerian complex society. This is done as part of the public exposure before the publication of my book.