The Trefoil of the World


I published a new chapter from my second manuscript

The extract discusses the medieval concept of the three continents asigned to the sons of Noah and follows its development until the end of the 16th century. The funny thing is that even after the discovery of America there were followers of this old yarn (view the Clover Leaf Map). It also shows that the Middle Ages did not officially ended around the year 1500 CE. Instead, each person followed his or her own destiny. Some contemporaries carried the old mindset; others held a novel worldview.

The chapter starts Unit II, The Bounded Land and the Boundless Ocean, of my manuscript “The Enchanting Encounter with the East”.


Jerusalem as the center of the world-2


My recently uploaded article on Jerusalem has already received its first readers. I published it twice: on a popular site at

and as an academic article at

You may view both of them at your ease. I would appreciate a discussion.

My next topic will be the racial relations in the Middle Ages or how western Europeans interpreted the roles of the three sons of Noah and applied their names to the three known continents of the habitable earth.

Alexander’s Gate (1)


I have started another research connected to my second project. It is devoted to legends about the East which were influential in the Latin West throughout the Middle Ages. This time I am looking for Alexander’s Gate, Gog-Magog, and Enclosed Nations. Though well-researched, this topic deserves another attempt as the motivation to travel to and study about the East was warmed up by the circulation of certain tales. I will also delve into mappaemundi-a parallel world of medieval knowledge.

Mathematical Geography-1


I have uploaded three chapters from my second manuscript. The unit from which they are taken is called THE MIRACULOUS REVIVAL OR THE PAINFUL RECOVERY. The topic is the revival of geography in the Middle Ages and the basics of mathematical geography. These three articles can be viewed at

There is one more article which I intend to upload soon. Another unit about medieval navigation is ready but will have to wait for fine tuning.

Miraculous Revival (1)


I have apploaded a revised article titled “What if the Earth is the Sphere?”. It is devoted to the concept of the spherical earth. The article can be viewed at

This is the first chapter of my new manuscript about the medieval encounter between the Latin West and the East. The title of  Unit 1 is “The Miraculous Revival or the Painful Recovery”. It deals with the recovery of geographical knowledge in the Latin West during the Middle Ages. The chapter describes the concept of the spherical Earth. Born in the ancient Greece, it was picked up and developed by medieval scholars who nevertheless claimed that this sphere is immovable, that is not rotating, and attempted to find a reasonable explanation.