The Location of Jerusalem


Read another chapter from my manuscript. The extract called “The Location of Jerusalem on European Mind Maps” tells about the paramount importance of the Holy City for Christendom, especially from the Crusade era. All observers agreed that it was the world’s spiritual center but many also claimed that it was the geographical middle point of the earth.

This is my latest chapter on the scriggler. You can also get familiar with the other extracts from my second manuscript, “The Enchanting Encounter with the East”, on my profile page

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Medieval geography


I have just uploaded a new chapter of my study about the revival of geographical knowledge in medieval Europe. It can be viewed at
Together with the previously uploaded parts
these four articles cover Unit I of my second project. The Unit’s title is “The Miraculous Revival or the Painful Recovery”. It is devoted to diverse aspects of mathematical geography as they were discovered by medieval scholars including the prospects of navigation through the world ocean.
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