Alexander’s Gate (2)


I continue my research of medieval legends. The first part will be probably called “In the Shadow of Alexander’s Gate”. However, now I am not satisfied with presenting an entangled story about Alexander and Enclosed Nations. I would like to point to certain developments of “barbarian” societies and trace the echoes of these developments in the Latin West. Anyway, these legends had fertilized the soil for the Age of Discovery. Among other things I am interested in Khazarian Jews and the expansion of the Mongolian empire.


Gog and Magog


My new research in the project concerns medieval legends referring to the East. The first part deals with Alexander’s Wall and Enclosed Nations. I’d like to expose the core of the legend: the construction of the Iron Gate by Alexander the Great to repel barbarian nomads and various conflations. For example, an association of imprisoned peoples with Gog and Magog of the Apocalypse. The link between their liberation and the Last Days. The identification of the oppressed people with different monsters: the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, the Turks, and the Mongols. The confusion between the Caspian Gates and the Gates of the Caucasus.

My second project is devoted to links between the Latin West and the East. The first three chapters are available at my page at the site:

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Alexander’s Gate (1)


I have started another research connected to my second project. It is devoted to legends about the East which were influential in the Latin West throughout the Middle Ages. This time I am looking for Alexander’s Gate, Gog-Magog, and Enclosed Nations. Though well-researched, this topic deserves another attempt as the motivation to travel to and study about the East was warmed up by the circulation of certain tales. I will also delve into mappaemundi-a parallel world of medieval knowledge.