The Enigma of the Antipodes: A Medieval Fantasy


This is a new version of a chapter. Most of the corrections referred to the style and the endnotes, which are more appealing to the reader than the Internet user. In this extract I collected the flowers of ancient wisdom along with the medieval interpretations about the role of the Antipodes, the fourth continent of the intellectual imagination. At the beginning of the Age of Discovery this sentiment turned into the reality.

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪el burgo de osma beatus‬‏


The Trefoil of the World


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The texts are more or less identical  but the second one is illustrated. The article is devoted to the conception of the three continents among Europeans. This conception found its adepts not only in the ancient or medieval times but also throughout the Age of Discovery. The proof is the Clover Leaf Map attached to the book by Heinrich Bunting which was published in 1581. Now you can read 5 chapters from mymanuscript on my page at

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