Weekly Update-January 22nd, 2016


I am making progress on the British Council course “Exploring English: Shakespear”. This week we focused on Romeo and Juliet, reading extracts, listening to interviews with the actress, and appreciating Shakespear’s contribution to the English language. This is my second course on FutureLearn.

I published a new version of my article “The Generation of Exodus”, which tells about the origin of Israel as a nation. Read it at  https://scriggler.com/DetailPost/Opinion/26251

This is an extended version of the same article published on https://www.academia.edu/4059657/_The_Generation_of_Exodus_

A series of seven chapters from my history book “Dawn and Sunset” is available on the same site and estimated by more than 2,500 readers. See my page https://scriggler.com/Profile/michael_baizerman

An extract from the first edition of Dawn and Sunset has achieved more than 2,800 hits, my second best so far: http://www.ibuzzle.com/articles/sumerian-foreign-trade.html

I also continued collecting materials for my second book. My current project is Prester John and his impact on East-West relationship throughout the Middle Ages and early modern era. I begin to understand that we’re dealing with the myth which has many faces and adapts various historic circumstances to prolong its survival. One of the “parallel worlds” that I need to examine is the origin and expansion of the Church of the East.



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