History Forums


I thought about a new way of building a platform. Many history fans are gathered at various forums, and while entering this field, I can promote my own ideas. At first, I took part in several discussions and realized that it is much more useful to lead them. So I started launching my own threads.

On Historum, http://historum.com/, I opened two threads. In Ancient History, a thread called Civilization, on p. 2. In Medieval and Byzantine History, a thread named Geography During the Middle Ages, on p. 1. In all, I have more than 1,000 views and almost 50 replies.

On World Historia, http://www.worldhistoria.com/, I also opened two threads. In Europe, a thread dubbed Medieval Geographical Development, on p. 1; in West Asia and North Africa, a thread called The Origin of Israel, on p. 1. Overall views are approaching 200, with 20 replies.

I assume, my efforts are going to be a success, even greater than the number of my followers on http://www.ibuzzle.com/authors/56614/

This is my additional plus in building the author’s platform.



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